Trucks From Failed ‘Terra Nova’ Fox TV Show For Sale


Well, you can’t blame Fox for at least trying to recoup any of the costs it sunk into producing the failed television show, Terra Nova.

Even though it wasn’t as bad as the general public and press would make it appear to be (okay, maybe it was), Terra Nova was yanked after a first season that was full of hype but delivered a lot of family-friendly fluff. Amidst the sci-fi, dinosaur extravaganza were modified Land Cruisers and Range Rovers from the early 80s and 90s that were well, pretty ugly.

The auction is taking place in Australia and it warns that the vehicles aren’t for road use. Not that it really matters, the bid for the 1985 Range Rover is at a paltry $2,409 while the 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser is at $6,059 and we can’t imagine anyone really wanting these cars other than to collect them. Wait, are there really any die-hard Terra Nova fans?

[Source: TMZ]