Volvo C90 Under Consideration for Development

There’s a chance Swedish automaker Volvo might be looking at developing a competitor to the Mercedes E-Class coupe and if that chance comes true it will be called the C90.  While the car would be developed as a coupe, it’s likely that it will also spawn a convertible, something that will broaden its appeal significantly with U.S. consumers.

Should it be made, the C90 would be built on the brand’s Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA), which also serves for Volvo’s other large vehicles like the S80.  New engines aren’t expected to come into play, though. Instead, look for options from the brand’s four-cylinder range, a diesel variant and alsmot certainly a plug-in hybrid.

Don’t look for this car anytime soon, though. Inside Line reports that the car will be based on the S60 and won’t appear until the after 2015 at the earliest. Still, the fact that Volvo is even considering such a vehicle speaks volumes about its intention to stand up as a significant luxury brand, possibly with more profitable cars.

[Source: Inside Line]