2014 Lexus RX Could Gain Third Row Seats


The Lexus RX crossover is based on the Toyota Highlander, but unlike the lower cost vehicle, it only has two rows of seating — something that might change with the 2014 model.

If a customer wants to buy a Lexus with three rows of seating they can have a GX or an LX. These are both, large, body-on-frame vehicles that have the fuel economy penalties that come with such a heavy construction technique. Given that the RX is based on a three-row vehicle, it seems only natural that it be offered with three rows of seating.

This unibody vehicle would likely have better fuel economy than its heavier siblings and also coincides with the planned operation date of an expansion at the factory in Canada that makes the RX crossover.

Lexus researched a seven-seat crossover called the VX but those plans were cancelled. This leaves an open niche in the product lineup for a three-row RX.

The automaker is testing a new smaller crossover based on the RAV4 called the CX which Americans can expect next fall. A hybrid version maybe available and a turbo might be part of the drivetrain.

[Source: Automotive News]