Acura ILX, Honda CR-V Recalled for Faulty Door Latch Mechanism

Honda has issued a worldwide recall for 321,453 CR-V SUV vehicles and Acura ILX sedans to replace faulty door lock mechanisms.

If the inner door handle is operated simultaneously with the manual or power door lock, the inner door handle release cable can become partially disconnected. In this event, the door will not latch when closed, or if the door does latch and close, it will open when the door locks are operated, increasing the potential for the door to open while the car is in motion.

In the U.S., 166,000 CR-V SUVs from the 2012 model year and 6,200 ILX’s from the 2013 model year are affected by this recall.

Affected owners can take their vehicles into Honda for a free of charge replacement.