Bernie Ecclestone Might Buy the Nürburgring

Bernie Ecclestone Might Buy the Nürburgring

After reports revealed that the Nürburgring is broke, F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone made it clear that he still wants to race at the track, and now it seems like he may buy the track outright. 

German newspaper rheinpfalz is reporting that Ecclestone has shown interest in buying the company that owns the ‘Ring, although pricing and timing were not divulged. Contrary to previous reports, Ecclestone is apparently not willing to put up his own money to race on the German circuit.

A search for investors in underway by the Nürburgring, as they are looking to privatize the company. A large amusement park and shopping center were built as part of a complex meant to enhance the race track, but has ultimately wound up weighing the it financially, to the point of bankruptcy.

[Source: rheinpfalz]