Bernie Ecclestone Offers to Help the Nurburgring

Bernie Ecclestone Offers to Help the Nurburgring

By waiving his usual sanctioning fee and offering to cover all the costs associated with hosting an F1 race at the Nurburgring, Bernie Ecclestone is offering a helping hand to the distraught racing complex — but there’s a catch.

Should the deal move forward, Formula One’s famous boss will also keep all the profits generated during the event. News of the track’s troubles surfaced last week when it came to light that the facility is broke despite being one of the world’s most noteworthy courses.

Some might question how much Ecclestone is really doing for the facility, though, considering how popular F1 events held there have been in the past. Of course, it’s only fair that there be a way to recover the costs, and Ecclestone will shoulder an unusually heavy role normally taken on by the tracks – the real question is how much he expects to rake in if allowed to claim those profits.

An official decision hasn’t been reached yet, but according to German newspaper Rhein Zeitung, the offer comes with a rapidly shrinking window, so there will have to be an answer very soon.

[Source: F1 Zone]