BMW Proves Diesel as Hybrid Alternative at Olympics

BMW Proves Diesel as Hybrid Alternative at Olympics

While all eyes are on athletes vying for Olympic glory, BMW will be capitalizing on prime real estate within the Olympic Park to showcase its cars.

It expects thousands of visitors to pass through the 2,625 square-foot facility every day where the brand’s entire lineup will sit alongside concepts like the i8 supercar, but that isn’t the most interesting piece of the automaker’s involvement.

As the Games’ official automotive sponsor, BMW provided roughly 4,000 vehicles including hybrids, diesels and EVs, all of which combined to meet stringent emissions requirements by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

Few of those vehicles will be pure EVs, though. Of the 4,000, there will be roughly 200 split between the BMW ActiveE 3 Series cars and MINI E. For the most part, LOCOG’s emissions standards will be met with two clean diesel models: the 320d ED and the 520d.

That speaks to a couple of points. First, that diesels are still the runaway choice for fuel efficiency in Europe, but second and more importantly, that even under strict regulations, clean diesels offer a competitive alternative to hybrids.