Carroll Shelby Family Burial Dispute Settled

Carroll Shelby Family Burial Dispute Settled

More than two months after his death, automotive legend Carroll Shelby’s family seems to have settled the dispute over what to do with his remains.

On Monday, both his wife and children told the Associated Press that they had come to an agreement about what to do with the body — a point of contention that kept his corpse in a morgue long after his May 10 death. The dispute stemmed from differing claims Shelby’s wife Cleo and his children made about his burial wishes.

His children claimed to have a document stating intent to be cremated with four portions equally divided, but Cleo said that document was a forgery. Instead, she said Shelby signed power over his affairs to her two years ago.

However, with a court date looming for July 26 it seems the two parties managed to compromise rather than drawing the battle out further. Now, the body will be cremated and divided into five portions instead of four, allowing for Cleo to take an urn as well.

“We’re not happy with it but we want to get my dad in the ground,” said Shelby’s oldest son, Michael, who said his siblings were still discussing final details.

[Source: The Detroit News]