Cell Phone Jammer Blocks Driver, Not Passengers


Convincing drivers to use cell phone jammers is probably as easy as selling Larry the Cable Guy a Toyota Prius, but researchers out of India’s Anna University of Technology have invented something that might ease the blow.

Called the Cell phone Accident Preventer (CAP), it probably isn’t the spoonful of sugar most people need so swallow such an idea, but the device is said to block driver phone use while leaving passengers free to talk, text and YouTube their brains out. There’s really nothing special about the system: it places a low range antenna above the driver’s seat that isn’t strong enough to muddle mobile devices only a few feet away.

That still won’t prevent someone from leaning over and stealing a signal – and it also won’t stop someone from sending or receiving text or email messages, but it will keep drivers from fielding phone calls.

The system is far from perfect, but its low tech design would also make it cheap and therefore easily offset by the discount a fleet owner could haggle from an insurance company.

Truthfully, fleet owners are probably the only ones that will willingly buy the CAP for one key reason: it also alerts police when you use the phone while driving.

Given how fatal cell phone-related distraction has already proven to be for drivers, it might make sense for insurance companies to start offering substantial discounts to drivers using the tiny tattle tale, but that’s not the case yet.

[Source: Inside Line]