Electric BMW M3 Thrills Pikes Peak Hill Climb Veteran

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande
electric bmw m3 thrills pikes peak hill climb veteran

Known for his can-do attitude, Bill Caswell is a veteran of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb which will see more electric race cars this year than ever before.

Caswell hadn’t ever been in an electric car, aside from a golf kart, until the day EV West put him behind the wheel of its electric BMW M3. As he says below, the car is a thrill. EVs are known for having instant torque and linear power delivery, something anyone would find exciting.

Excitement aside, EVs have a key advantge over gasoline engines while running up the Peak: power delivery doesn’t change based on elevation with electric motors, but it does with an internal combustion engine.

The race itself was postponed to August 12 after fire ravaged neighboring Waldo Canyon and charred roughly 350 homes in nearby Colorado Springs.

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