Ford Escape Owners Get Special Treatment During Recall

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer
2013 Ford Escape: The muscular, defined exterior shape of the 2013 Ford Escape is complemented by a dynamic, well-appointed interior featuring new levels of craftsmanship and technology. (11/16/2011)

Following last week’s announcement of a 2013 Ford Escape recall, the company is making sure to take care of its affected customers by offering them “special handling.”

Documents released by NHTSA reveal that Ford is going through some serious bum kissing to make sure that Escape owners will be will taken care of. The recall consists of an order that all 2013 Escapes are not to be driven until the fix is complete, making this recall quite inconvienent for customers.

The document that was sent to dealers includes special customer handling instructions to ensure satisfaction. It dictates dealers return the cars with a full tank of fuel, vaccum and wash them, deliver a rental vehicle to a the customers preferred address, and pick up the rental after the repairs are complete.

The events leading up to the recall were also divulged by Ford. On June 9 an employee who was transporting an Escape from the assembly plant to a holding lot experienced an engine bay fire. Just a week later, a 2013 Escape sold in Canada also caught fire and is still the only reported fire from a customer. A third escape caught fire while being transported from the factory some two weeks later, and acted as that final straw that prompted the recall.

Stephen Elmer
Stephen Elmer

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  • Guest Guest on Nov 01, 2012

    Local Ford dealer and Ford customer service have NO information regarding the "special customer handling" referenced above. Is it possible to post a copy of the document sent to dealers?

  • Dnaffah Dnaffah on Dec 14, 2012

    I called 3 locations --Ford customer service--18664367332---Ford customer relations--18003923673 and Ford reaquired vehicals--18003673050---and Ford offered me either a replacement or refund for the 2013 Escape that has been sitting stationary in my drivway for the last 12 days.---I told them that I am not comfortable with the 1.6 litre engine ,and is it possible to get the 2.0 litre engine.---I have 1,479 miles on the vehical---They said sure---at an additional cost of 1095 dollars.---Nice people---3 fire related issues in 6 months on the 1.6 litre engine and they get away with it. This company is full of shit!!! Since 1974 I have been buying Ford vehicals every 2 years.I explained this to them and asked them to check their data base for confirmation of how many vehicals that I bought in the past,and they did.They said--- yes we see that you have puchased many Ford vehicals.But according to Sharese at Ford reaquired vehical,34115 West twelve mile rd, Farmington Hills, Mi 48331, I have to pay the difference.....NICE PEOPLE.----I wil get a refund---and never ever buy another Found On Road Dead.!!!!

    • $29896495 $29896495 on Jan 20, 2013

      I think you are being totally unreasonable. They offered to just give you a replacement car if you wanted it. It was a fault that they discovered and took swift action to correct. It's not like Toyota or GM who had to be forced to fix problems. So you were loyal to Ford, they were being good to you, and for crying out loud, they only asked for an extra grand. Are you forgetting they are putting the car on road for free, and taking yours back and taking the loss, when other manufacturers would have just fixed the problem and sent you on your way. GROW UP! You passed up a good deal.