Gymkhana Five Behind the Scenes in a Ford Focus ST

Gymkhana Five Behind the Scenes in a Ford Focus ST

Ask a drifting fan what the coolest viral video out today is and they will probably tell you Gymkhana Five which was released on July 9 and gathered more than 9 million views in two days.

But what does it really take to make one of these online adrenaline shots? To show that, Ken Block, DC Shoes and Ford are releasing a behind-the-scenes look at what went into making Gymkhana Five.

Stunt driving and single takes go about as well together as driving a race track at speed without knowing the turns. With that in mind, Block took a Focus ST with him to San Francisco to scout the hilly city that would play host to his high-speed shenanigans.

“The Focus ST was a lot of fun to rip around San Francisco in, especially with all of the torque on those hills. It’s nice to finally be able to drive the same hot-tuned Fords that Europe always gets, here in America,” Block said.

Boasting 252 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque, the Focus ST is a true hot hatch. AutoGuide recently had the chance to test drive one and couldn’t agree more with Block.

“I think it’s great that Ford is finally bringing this product over here to the American consumer. There’s always been a demand for this sort of car from the enthusiasts here and I think they’re going to embrace it once it’s available at the dealership,” he said.

Look for Ford’s behind-the-scenes video sometime in August.