Justin Bieber Proves Nobody Knows What a Fisker is

Justin Bieber’s chrome-wrapped Fisker Karma looks more like a spaceship to the general public than what CEO Henrik Fisker would probably prefer: a car identifiable with his brand. 

The young pop star managed to prove that while flying along highway 101 under hot pursuit by several SUVs, as a number of 911 calls attest. Some were sure it was a Corvette, others said it was a stainless steel Ferrari. “The one is totally, totally silver. I’ve never seen anything like it; It looks like a Spaceship,” one caller said.

Of course, Biebier’s bodacious car is understandably difficult to recognize in direct sunlight, where anything short of polarized lenses will probably leave you open to burned retinas. Still, it’s a little surprising that nobody even came close to correctly identifying the car.

“Uh, maybe a Corvette? Some kind of a race car,” one caller said. “It’s a metallic silver. You can not miss it,” she said. Another man said he saw “five or six or seven SUVs chasing a silver Ferrari.” Someone else said he saw a chrome plated Maserati four-door.

This could be a good thing for Fisker. It means nobody knows what its cars are, but that also suggests that the company’s recent controversies have fallen from the public eye.

[Source: TMZ]