Toyota GT-86 Drift Competition Posed by the Pros- Video

“This is fun! I wish that Toyota could make cars like this again!” Keiichi Tsuchuya loves his classic AE86, which is why he is the perfect choice to show off the capabilities of the Scion FR-S in the latest video promoting the car.

Toyota has just released a clip of him competing against two UK journalists in drift sprint. Tsuchiya along with Ollie Marriage from Top Gear Magazine and Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe dance around a barrel course in smooth, elegant drifts, each trying to post the fastest time.

Tsuchiya was known throughout his racing career in Japan for drifting in non-drifting competitions. He acknowledged on many occasions that while this was not the quickest way to get around a track, it is the most fun. He is also known for using his classic Toyota Corolla AE86  in mountain pass races called touge.

The Toyota GT-86, which is the Scion FR-S here in the U.S., is the perfect tool for the challenge that Tsuchuya puts forward. The company is challenging UK enthusiasts to come out to drift sprint events and beat the times posted by these pros.

Watch the video below.

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