2012 Hyundai ‘Remix’ Cars Headed to SEMA After Party

Hyundai’s 2012 Remix cars are meant to exude each car’s personality to a degree the factory versions can’t on their own.

Given the special nature of each vehicle, it makes sense that at least some of them will make an appearance in Las Vegas at SEMA this year. The Genesis Coupe seen above has pearl white paint with carbon fiber accents and a terracotta leather trimmed interior with specially upholstered racing seats. As you can see, it has also been slammed to ride just above the ground.

Similarly, the “Music 2.0” Veloster Turbo steps in with Justin Bieber-esque style, sporting a flashy chrome exterior and a motorized DJ station in the trunk with a stereo the company says can be heard for blocks.

Finally, the matter green Elantra GT features recycled tweet fabric, a Nintendo Wii and 24-carat gold colored wheels.

Unfortunately, none of them will actually be on the showroom floor, but will instead be featured at an after hours event.

GALLERY: 2012 Hyundai remix cars