Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Lincoln MKT

2. MyLincoln Touch is Just Plain Bad

Navigation is a wonderful thing, when it works. And on the MKT it most certainly does not, thanks mostly to the MyLincoln Touch system.

Blindly following directions on the screen while on a weekend trip, the MyLincoln Touch system froze. We had to pull the car over and patiently wait for it to shut down and boot back up, having forgone a map in favor of the GPS. After waiting about five minutes, we hit the road again, only to have the system freeze a second time 15 minutes later.

Glitches aside, the rest of the system is no better. Replacing knobs with touch sensitive strips may look appealing, but it is much less intuitive than it should be and pulls your eyes from the road far too often. The entire system is not at the ‘premium’ level that the rest of the vehicle sits at.