2014 Corvette Already For Sale on eBay

2014 Corvette Already For Sale on eBay

So what if Chevrolet hasn’t officially revealed its 2014 Corvette. That isn’t stopping this eBay seller from taking your deposit on the next-generation of the iconic sports car.

While it’s pretty silly that someone should list a car for sale before it’s even produced, the seller surprisingly has 100-percent feedback from 829 ratings, making him appear rather legit. It’s worth noting that it’s a private seller and not a dealership, so maybe he has an inside track to one of the first 2014 Chevy Corvettes.

Or of course it could just all be a scam of some sort, especially since he’s asking for a nonrefundable 10-percent deposit. The auction is also apparently just for the deposit only, and the remaining balance is due when the car arrives.

Shockingly there’s 13 bids at the time of this posting, and it’s already up to $4,250. What’s worse though is the fact that it’s just an artist’s rendering on the auction listing sinceChevy has yet to reveal what the 2014 Corvette will even look like.

But hey, we’re well aware that there’s plenty of people out there with more than enough expendable income to pay a premium in order to be one of the first owners out there. We’d be really interested to see how this one pans out.

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