2014 Mazda6 Coupe, Mazdaspeed6 and AWD Models Rumored


The all-new 2014 Mazda6 has just made its official debut and already talks of high performance and coupe variants are filling the air.

Two separate Mazda officials are clearly excited about its new Mazda6 model with one hinting at a possible high-performance model, while another said that a four-seater coupe variant has been under consideration.

The program manager for the Mazda6, Hiroshi Kajiyama, mentioned a spiritual successor to the Mazdaspeed6 is a possibility, stating that the new vehicle has a lot of potential. Powering it could be a turbocharged variant of the 173-hp diesel engine available out in Europe, and would make for a very interesting addition to the US lineup.

Kajiyama also added that an all-wheel drive model is being studied and would be a valuable addition to the Mazda6 lineup for other markets.

“There are no set plans, but we are studying the possibility of introducing all-wheel drive – it would be a good weapon with which to establish the brand,” said Kajiyama. “It is my belief that there is a very strong opportunity for us if we bring it to market.”

Chief designer Akira Tamatani on the other hand went on the record that a four-seater coupe is being considered, but no decision has been made. Of course the sedan and wagon are priorities first – even though a wagon variant wouldn’t be favorable in the American market. Undoubtedly Americans would prefer to see a sporty coupe before a wagon any day of the week.

The new model Mazda6 clearly has a bright future ahead of it, and if the Japanese automaker plays its cards right, it could enjoy a very successful run.

[Source: Autocar UK and Autoexpress UK]