App Reports Texting and Driving to Mom and Dad

You can’t dispute that texting behind the wheel is dangerous, yet people still take the risk regularly – young drivers especially – which is something one smartphone app aims to change.

Vehawk is a mobile app that tracks your cell phone usage during trips and sends it to the account owner. While that might not seem useful to someone who pays their own bill, many SMS-crazed drivers are young enough that the cell phone they use probably doesn’t belong to them, just like the car they’re driving.

An app like this could be useful for parents concerned that their newly-licensed teen is participating in the dangerous practice, but it does a lot more than   keep a log of when you sent a message.

In fact, Vehawk will tell mom and dad where you drove, what you texted, how fast you were going and where you were when the texting or calling occurred. Aside from diligent parenting, the app also has obvious applications for companies with vehicle fleets.

It isn’t available yet, but this is also one of many ways parents or companies can track dangerous driving. Progressive is using a device that plugs into a car’s OBD II port to monitor how people drive with the goal to offer good drivers a discount. Parents can also install a similar device called CellCONTROL to keep track of their kids phone use while driving.

Currently in beta testing for Android phones, the app will be available soon with a version for the iPhone to follow.

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TXDefensiveDriving says:

This seems like a great app for parents of teen drivers. You can’t be in the car with them in person, but you’ll still know what is going on! Maybe if kids know their texting will be reported back to mom and dad they will think twice before pulling out the phone.