Apple Considered Developing its Own Car

Back in March of this year, news leaked out that Apple China was looking for an automotive engineer, making many of us wonder what the tech giant had up its sleeves.

The Cupertino based company recently admitted that it once considered developing its own cars before it entered the world of smartphones. That’s right, before the first-generation iPhone was even created, Apple was thinking about making a car. Now that doesn’t really shine any light on why Apple recently was looking for an automotive engineer, though it likely has something to do with integrating its own infotainment system into future vehicles.

The admittance came when Phil Schiller of Apple took the stand in court as Apple and Samsung continue to clash over patents. Ever wonder what the world would be like had Apple stuck to developing a car rather than the iPhone? One thing’s for sure, we might not have so many issues with texting and driving. Surely the iCar would text and drive for us. Right?

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[Source: TUAW]

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