Aston Martin One-77 Bike Aimed at Spoiled Cyclists

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
aston martin one 77 bike aimed at spoiled cyclists

Aston Martin isn’t content with ruling the road – the automaker wants to take over the bike path, too.

Teaming with Factor Bikes, Aston Martin has given its One-77 Coupe the two-wheeled treatment with the One-77 Cycle. Described as “the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle,” this super bike comes with a high-tech computer system, a complex array of sensors and a carbon fiber frame.

Complete with all the bells and whistles, the Aston Martin One-77 Cycle’s computer system will amaze the most dedicated of cyclists. To ensure you become the next Lance Armstrong, this computer system gives you a menu of over 100 specific measurements, which include crank torque, crank force and leg power. Other important information includes wasted leg power, rear wheel speed, acceleration, and rate of ascent.

With all of these fancy doodads and the Aston Martin label, you shouldn’t be surprised with the $39,000 price tag. But if you need a little more incentive before you buy, your One-77 Cycle will be custom made to your measurements and there are only 77 of these beauties being built.

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