BMW 1-Series GT FWD Likely for Paris Auto Show

BMW 1-Series GT FWD Likely for Paris Auto Show

Breaking away from old trends, BMW is working on bringing a FWD 1-series to market, and it will probably debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show next month.

It won’t debut however, in regular 1-series form. BMW is working on a more practical, MPV-style vehicle, that will offer more convenience than the 1-series hatchback. It will be akin to the Mercedes B-Class, with slightly elevated ride height to go along with the small crossover feeling.

“A front-wheel-drive BMW will definitely come. We have a lot of experience. We know how to make the car turn-in sharply to corners and we know how to tune the steering so that there isn’t much torque steer,” Dr Klaus Draeger, BMW board member, told autoexpress. 

The upcoming Mini Cooper will also share its platform with the new 1-series, though the Mini will get less power and a lower ride height, to make sure the cars differentiate themselves.

[Source: Auto Express]