Ferrari to Focus on Aluminum, Not Carbon Fiber Says CEO

Ferrari to Focus on Aluminum, Not Carbon Fiber Says CEO

This past weekend, Ferrari introduced its newest F12 Berlinetta model to the American public out at Pebble Beach. It’s currently the Italian automaker’s most powerful road car yet, boasting 731-hp and 509 lb-ft of torque from its 6.3-liter V12 engine.

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa took the opportunity to speak about the automaker’s future as well, focusing on the fact that Ferrari has no intentions of switching to carbon fiber anytime soon. While other exotic automakers are starting to use plenty of carbon fiber on their products – such as Lamborghini and McLaren – Ferrari believes it’s still too early to incorporate the material extensively in its products.

According to Felisa, carbon fiber technology won’t be where the automaker needs it to be until 2020. He believes that the current resins used are just too heavy and lack the mechanical characteristics that Ferrari desires on its vehicles. The F12 Berlinetta utilizes 12 different forms of aluminum in its chassis and body in order to achieve a lighter and stiffer body than the 599.

Also holding Ferrari back is production time that carbon fiber takes, with the Prancing Horse producing cars in significantly higher volume than many of its key competitors.

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[Source: LA Times]