Fiat Italian Translator App has Sexy ‘Abarth’ Phrases

It didn’t used to be free, but now it is thanks to Fiat – an English/Italian translator app distributed through the iOS App Store.

Meant as promotional material for the Fiat 500, the app is actually pretty useful, which isn’t usually the case for such things. While it’s far from perfect, the mobile phrase tool gives you quick access to a list of phrases that would probably prove handy if you were stuck in Italy without any grounding in the language.

For those that enjoyed Fiat’s Abarth Superbowl commercials, the phrases from the ads are also there, including how to accuse someone of having undressed you with their eyes.

You can even listen to audio pronunciations, though only over headphones, to avoid looking like an idiot. Better still, the app doesn’t need an internet connection, which means it works anywhere and functions just like a phrase book.

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