Kim Kardashian Birthday Lambo Customized in Video


Something went horribly wrong with the American dream when we, as a nation, collectively switched from “keeping up with the Jonses” to Keeping up with the Kardashians.

High in the running for history’s hugest harlot against such other strumpets starlets as Paris Hilton and Tila Tequila, Kim Kardashian is maddeningly good at making money by whatever means possible. If the typhoon of media coverage and TMZ jokes isn’t enough to convince you, how about having a look at the Lamborghini Aventador she gave rapper and boyfriend Kanye West for his birthday.

The video below gives a good look at what it’s like to have no grasp on the value of a dollar. Kardashian spent a sweltering $750,000 on the Aventador in the video below, which should have carried an MSRP of about $387,000. Taxes and other meaningless money thingies aside, the first figure means she spent well over a quarter-million on converting the car to its current custom matte sheen.

Love it or hate it, the lady has a lot of money and she isn’t scared to spend it.

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danwat1234 says:

Why does she drive gas guzzlers? Why not a Porsche hybrid? Duhh..