Maybach 57 Found Abandoned in France – Video

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
maybach 57 found abandoned in france video

It’s hard to imagine if you could ever afford a Maybach 57 that you’d just abandon it somewhere, but one owner did just that out on the French Coast.

Undoubtedly there’s a story behind why the half-a-million dollar luxury sedan was left in a parking lot. It appears that the Maybach 57 has been sitting for about four years, gathering plenty of dust, and even some obscene messages from the general public. Someone even took the liberty to take the front emblem off the sedan for themselves.

As nice as the Maybach 57 is, the abandoned Ferrari Enzo is definitely the winner when it comes to cars left for dead. We’re going to assume that something tragic happened to the owner that left the vehicle driverless, or maybe they had to flee the country.

Watch a video of the abandoned Maybach 57 below.

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