Nissan Celebrates the Birth of Miss Fairlady – Video

What’s in a name? Out in Japan, the name ‘Fairlady’ goes a long way back in a storied sports car history; it belonged to the Datsun Fairlady which eventually became the Z models of today.

But what very few outside of Japan know, is that the Fairlady was symbolized by a physical person: Miss Fairlady. The concept was originally introduced to go with a dealership in the Ginza area of Tokyo, where five Miss Fairladys were given adequate product knowledge to answer potential customers’ questions.

This concept proved to become an invaluable tool in marketing the Japanese automaker’s vehicles.

“Car events and advertising with Miss Fairladys helped to make them a marketing and communications staple, often traveling to dealerships for product launches or events such as sponsored golf tournaments,” said Nissan in a press release.

Today, becoming a Miss Fairlady is a very respected position in the Japanese culture. In fact, former Miss Fairladys encourage their daughters to follow in their footsteps as they grow up.

Now we just have to wonder why we aren’t blessed with the same in America. At least we get the cars now!

Watch ‘The Birth of Miss Fairlady’ below.

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