Porsche Camp4 Offers Wild Winter Driving

Returning for 2013, Porsche will offer its Camp4 Canada driving program to give brand enthusiasts a winter performance driving course that will exhibit its latest sports cars.

Held for the third year just outside Montreal, Canada, the event will feature the chance to drive Porsche’s all-new AWD 2013 Carrera 4 models for the first time.

“(Camp4 Canada) is designed to convince potential customers that all Porsche vehicles, including the sports cars that form the foundation of the Camp4 Canada program, are all-weather machines and can be driven through the winter with a bit of preparation and the proper driving techniques,” said Porsche Canada marketing director Lawrence Yap.

Porsche will make that case by taking participants through multiple specialized snow-bound “racetracks” at Mécaglisse, a dedicated snow- and icedriving facility.

While events like this are common for premium performance brands, Camp4 Canada is unusual because it takes place in North America. Similar programs presented by European sports car makers often take place overseas, meaning the experience will be available to Americans and Canadians without paying for an overseas flight.

Then again, people who can afford the program, which costs $4,995 for Camp4 and $5,995 for Camp4S, probably aren’t going to sweat over flight costs. The less expensive option is a four-day experience with two full driving days, while the $1,000 premium Camp4S carries bumps that up to five days with three behind the wheel. Both prices also include accommodation, food and transportation to and from the event.

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