Rhinotire Aims to Eliminate Flat Tires – Video

We’ve all gone through it before: the hassle of getting a flat tire and having to change it on the side of the road. Rhinotire is looking to make all of our lives easier by eliminating flat tires altogether.

According to the company, its product features “a revolutionary technology formulated to prevent flats in tires caused by punctures from nails and other sharp objects.” Inside the Rhinotire rubber is a specially-made polymer blend that’s applied to the inner layer of the tire prior to mounting it onto the wheel. Best of all though, Rhinotire isn’t just all about flat-tire prevention. Its product can help increase fuel economy by up to 10-percent, extend tire life by as much as 25-percent, and reduce tire noise by as much as 30-db.

Sound like something from the future? Not quite. The product has been tested by several distributors and was even installed onto a Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG that participated in the 2012 Gumball Rally. According to the company, the inside liner only adds a pound of weight to each tire.

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[Source: Rhinotire via The Detroit News]