Toyota Accuses Fired IT Contractor of Damaging Network

Toyota USA is accusing a fired contractor of sabotaging internal software and breaking into a secure system before downloading confidential information on parts, designs and prices. 

Last week the automaker filed a restraining order against Ibrahimshah Shahulhameed who is a former IT contractor at Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc. The restraining order prevents Shahulhameed from leaving the United States and from distributing trade secrets.

“If this information were disseminated to competitors or otherwise made public, it would be highly damaging to Toyota, and its suppliers, causing immediate and irreparable damage,” the Toyota filing says.

The document also says that Shahulhameed was fired on August 23 but logged into Toyota’s computer system after the firing to download proprietary and classified information.

Toyota also is accusing Shahulhameed of logging into its secure web portal where Toyota and its contractors exchange sensitive information on upcoming and current vehicles.  Toyota is also accusing Shahulhameed of corrupted 13 different web applications in the communications network.


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