Toyota GT 86 Saves the Oppressed in New Commercial

Nick Dasko
by Nick Dasko

Scion’s FR-S is known as the Toyota GT 86 in Europe, and in this animated commercial from the UK, an Orwellian world is portrayed where pixelated people do not get to feel alive, and the FR-S becomes their salvation.

The ad is part of the “Real Deal” campaign that is focused on this sports car’s devotion to the principle of a basic, inexpensive, sports car. The driver in the ad has to break out of this oppressive society where the GT-86 is illegal.

This commercial reminds us of a few pop culture touchstones, which it may be referencing. Rush’s Red Barchetta is a song that tells a story about a young man driving around an oppressive future in a classic, “simple”, “lightweight”, red sports car and is nearly run off the road by “safer” larger and more powerful vehicles. It is actually based on Richard S. Foster’s short-story, A Nice Morning Drive that was published in a 1973 issue of Road and Track.

Of course the video brings to mind the wildly popular Matrix films and comics. One other film to note is The Last Chase which features Lee Majors driving a red Porsche 917 across the United States to California which remains free from the dictatorship that controls the rest of America and has banned gasoline cars.

The animation in this video was done by Digital Domain, which was started by James Cameron.

Nick Dasko
Nick Dasko

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