Toyota RAV4 EV Detailed in Development Videos


Toyota’s new RAV4 EV was developed in partnership with Tesla Motors. The development of the electric crossover has been chronicled in five youtube videos, the first of which has just been released.

The first video shows off much of the engineering and design work done by the two teams who worked together on this vehicle. Tesla supplied the battery pack for the vehicle, which sits in the floor of the RAV4.

This is not the first electric RAV4; from 1997 to 2003 Toyota produced an electric version of the first generation model, 750 of which are still on the road today.

This new model is also front-wheel-drive but is much faster. The original took 18 seconds to get to 60 mph while the new one can do the jump in 8.6 seconds in normal mode and 7 in sport mode. Unlike the first model that was made in Japan, this new model that will only be sold in California, and is made in Canada.

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