Volt Production Scheduled to Stop for Second Time in 2012


In spite of rising Chevrolet Volt sales, General Motors will reportedly halt production at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant that assembles them from September 17 until October 15.

The production break is likely due to the Volt’s poor initial sales. Through July, 2011, Chevrolet only sold 2,870 units, falling far short of its projections. As a result, dealer lots had more product than demand called for, which is something that seems to still be carrying over. In the same time period this year Chevrolet has managed to move 10,666 Volts – more than triple the previous figure.

Regardless, this is the second time GM has temporarily shuttered production in an effort to stave off product pileup. While that backlog is starting to ease, there are still 6,500 unsold units.

Electric vehicle sales in general have been a difficult point of sale. Other options like the Nissan Leaf run purely on electricity whereas in the Volt the small gasoline engine is able to recharge the car without plugging in. Because of that, it’s much more viable for practical use yet it still struggles to sell.

General Motors hasn’t confirmed that the plant will, in fact, shut down, but Automotive News reports that union workers for the plant have already been briefed on the break.

[Source: Automotive News]