No Polo for US, But VW Prepared Says Exec

No Polo for US, But VW Prepared Says Exec

Hoping that the compact Volkswagen Polo will head to the United States anytime soon? Don’t hold your breath, as the German automaker is focusing on its Jetta and Golf models and has no immediate plans to bring a Polo to the American market. But it is ready should market demand change says Volkswagen’s VP of marketing, Rainer Michel.

In a recent interview, Michel commented that the compact market segment “is not really stable yet”, an odd remark considering nearly every other automaker in North America has a sub-compact offering.

Michel did elaborate, however, by saying that the automaker is prepared if they wanted to get a product out to market very fast. With its new MQB architecture, an American-spec Polo could be developed if the automaker finds it beneficial. For now, Volkswagen is making sure its Jetta and Golf models get the attention they need to succeed.

For now, it appears that Volkswagen believes the Golf is as compact as Americans want.

[Source: Motor Trend]