2013 SRT Viper Certification Costs Dealers $25K


Dealers interested in selling the 2013 SRT Viper will have to do more than be first in line and ask nicely, they’ll also have to pony up $25,000 in certification fees.

As previously reported, SRT doesn’t plan to hand out its hot new sports car willy-nilly like Oprah did in 2004 with 276 Pontiac G6 sedans. No, instead it will put those retailers interested through a (hopefully) rigorous training program meant to put them on par with six-figure car dealer standards.

“The SRT cars are starting to pull in a very, very interesting demographic — much higher income, much higher education levels. The customer is becoming more sophisticated,” SRT CEO Ralph Gilles said.

This is several cuts above the Challenger — something SRT seems intent on making clear to both the buyer and seller. So what does the hefty fee include?

First, any Chrysler dealership may spend $5,000 for a package that includes tools, training, equipment, signs and the right to priority purchasing for SRT products like the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 or Challenger SRT8. But that doesn’t mean the shop will be allowed to even touch the new halo car.

That right comes at a $20,000 premium which adds up to roughly a quarter of the 2013 Viper’s $97,395 base price.

[Source: Automotive News]