Maserati SUV Will Not be Called Kubang

It’s been well documented that when the Maserati SUV finally hits production form, it would no longer be called the Kubang. But confirmation from Maserati’s director of product planning has reconfirmed that the Kubang is simply applied only to the SUV’s concept.

The production version of the luxury SUV is scheduled to debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, at which time we’ll see what name the Italian automaker has decided on. While it’s still widely believed that the ‘Levante‘ name will go to a new sports sedan, it’s still a possibility for Maserati to use it on its SUV. Another possibility is the ‘Cinqueporte‘ moniker, since it just makes basic sense – a five door variant of its popular Quattroporte model.

Unfortunately, we’re still a ways off before the production variant makes an appearance, but the SUV will sport a Ferrari-built V8 powerplant and will closely resemble the Kubang concept that debuted last year.

GALLERY: Maserati Kubang Concept


[Source: Car and Driver]