Nissan App Makes Lease Returns Easier, More Convenient – Video

Nissan and Infiniti dealerships are turning to a new app called RPM Mobile to make lease returns quicker, easier, and more convenient for their customers.

Thanks to the new app that works on Apple’s iPhone or iPad, or any Android device, dealers can quickly scan in the lease return’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the customer’s information will display on the device. The customer can then quickly confirm everything that’s on the screen before electronically signing a return receipt.

In addition, dealerships can also use the app to purchase a customer’s leased vehicle when the customer returns it to the dealer. They can select a payoff method, confirm the purchase, get a receipt, and then conveniently sell the car back to the customer.

The Japanese automakers are currently the first and only automakers to take advantage of this app to make the lease return process quicker, and more accurate. All dealerships will be able to start using the technology this month.

Watch a video of the app in action below.

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