Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept Teased Prior to Paris Motor Show Debut – Video

French automaker Peugeot is looking to make a huge splash at its resident 2012 Paris Motor Show with a supercar concept called Onyx. To whet our appetites, Peugeot released a teaser video of the Onyx, revealing a bit of exotic’s sleek styling.

While few details were included with the video release, chances are the Onyx will have some extreme styling for its exterior, as hinted at in the video. It appears that the concept will be done in a matte black finish that’s contrasted by a shade of copper on the front fenders and doors. The focus of the video is clearly on the vehicle’s aerodynamics, while the automaker hints at a generous use of carbon fiber on the body.

Whether or not this supercar will find its way to production remains to be unseen – we’ll definitely find out more once it debuts on September 29th in Paris. Chances are though, the Onyx will be a wild one.

Watch the teaser video of the Onyx supercar concept below.

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