TGIF[R-S]: Ten Things I Hate About the FR-S

Ten Things I Hate About the FR-S

Welcome to the latest installment of our weekly series: TGIF[R-S], where Features Editor Sami Haj-Assaad details the ownership experience of the Scion FR-S. If you haven’t seen the latest articles, be sure to check out the whole archive of them.

By now you’ve probably heard of every single great thing about the FR-S, like how it has impeccable balance, superior driving feel and stunning value at $25k, but what about the thoughts of an honest-to-goodness owner. Make no mistake, I love this car, but it’s not perfect.

Daily driving has brought to light ten major flaws with the car, from comfort to convenience. Maybe in a few years when the FR-S is updated and includes some updates, I can look back and credit myself for bringing the perfect car to fruition. In the mean time I’ll just complain, like a stuck up automotive journalist.