Toyota iQ EV Unveiled: 2012 Paris Motor Show Preview

Debuting later this week at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the Toyota iQ EV has just been unveiled as the second all-electric vehicle in the brand’s lineup.

The electric version grows five inches in length and gains 275 lbs compared to the gasoline version while retaining the same storage capacity thanks to a flat underbody.

A 47-kilowatt air-cooled electric motor is fitted to the iQ EV which offers 120 lb-ft of torque delivered to the front wheels instantly. Reaching 62 mph takes 14 seconds in the iQ EV, while the cars top speed is rated at 77 mph. Aimed almost exclusively at city driving, the range is rated at 52 miles on a full charge. While that isn’t all that far, the key is that with the use of a quick charger, 80 percent battery power can be achieved in just 15 minutes of charging. For a full charge using a 230-volt outlet will take three hours.

Minimizing power usage was a priority on this EV, so Toyota fitted it with a low power consumption heat pump air conditioning system, optimized seat heaters, as well as a new heated windscreen defroster that will help to keep the windshield fog free without the use of AC or heat.

The whole car utilizes a black-and-white color scheme inside and out and comes fitted with standard features like a smart entry & start system, a six-speaker audio system and hill start assist.