Toyota RAV4 EV Interior Tech Detailed – Video

The fourth video spotlighting the new Toyota RAV4 EV has just been released, focusing on the innovative technology to enhance the driving experience of the electric SUV.

Previously, we’ve seen details on the vehicle’s development, its aerodynamics, and info on how the Japanese automaker maximized the range from its RAV4 EV. Now the automaker touches on all the technology that’s inside the vehicle that helps make the driving experience that much more complete. From its smartphone app that provides owners the ability to see when the vehicle needs to be charged, to the high-resolution displays inside the cabin, the RAV4 EV is more than just innovation under the hood.

Highly influenced by today’s world of touchscreen interfaces, the RAV4 EV features plenty of touch-sensitive controls, and its capacitive 8-inch navigation allows users to do familiar flick and scroll gestures that they’re now used to with today’s smartphones.

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