Acura TLX Badge Trademarked


Acura has trademarked the name TLX, a moniker which will sit on the TL successor, which will be a merging of the existing TL and TSX. 

The TLX will ride on the 2013 Honda Accord platform, and be the first Acura to incorporate the Earth Dreams engine lineup. It will sit in between Acura’s new RLX flagship, and the small ILX sedan (shown above). Sporting direct injection, the motor in the TLX will deliver around 310 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. The hybrid setup found in the new Accord, good for 45 mpg, is also apparently going to find its way into the new TLX.

The introduction of the ILX has left no space for the TSX, but the TSX is apparently going to continue production in limited form, and only as a V6 model.

Despite the flagship RLX, Acura is following a plan to remain a second tier luxury automaker rather than an all-out challenger to brands like BMW, Mercedes and Lexus.