Bentley Continental GT3 Race Car, First Look: 2012 Paris Motor Show

More than just a concept car, luxury automaker Bentley has an unusual spectacle in its booth at the Paris Motor Show: the hallmark of its return to racing. 

The car is based on Bentley’s Continental GT Speed coupe, it’s fastest-ever road car. While the car’s specific details aren’t available yet, you can see the host of changes already made to shape it into a GT3 car.

It wears wide fenders, a massive rear spoiler and loads of carbon fiber parts to improve aerodynamics including a front lip so big that it poked out from under  the car cover before its actual unveiling.

Initial real-world testing is scheduled to begin January, 2013, at which point more details should be available.

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GALLERY: Bentley Continental GT3 Concept


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