CODA Offers 10,000 Miles of Free Fuel in Marketing Stunt

CODA Offers 10,000 Miles of Free Fuel in Marketing Stunt

People pondering an EV purchase in California have new reason to look at Coda, a tenacious startup based in the state.

“With gas prices this high in California, this is the perfect opportunity to spell out the extremely low operating costs electric vehicles have to consumers,” Coda executive Thomas Hausch said.

Hardly a stranger to marketing stunts, the company’s previous event asked what you would do if you never had to visit a gas station again? What would happen with all the space? Now, it’s taking things a little farther by offering 10,000 miles of free fuel — through a $552 rebate if you buy a Coda EV in October.

Coda’s self-titled EV takes a different approach to how electric cars are built. Rather than fitting an electric drivetrain into an already-existant platform, it built the propulsion system first and built the car around that.

That meant the company’s engineers could use lithium iron phosphate batteries rather than the common lithium ion choice. The result? A robust system that outlasted EPA estimates during AutoGuide’s tests.

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