Gumpert Recovering After Insolvency Filing

Back in late August, supercar maker Gumpert filed for provisional insolvency after a busted attempt at attracting the Chinese market. Luckily, the German automaker is now recovering from insolvency with production back to normal and its order list getting longer.

According to a recent statement release by Gumpert, the automaker has even sold a car during its insolvency administration and is looking forward to brighter days ahead. Roland Gumpert expects to sell four to five cars next quarter and its worldwide dealer network has been reactivated.

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The turnaround for Gumpert proves that there’s a marketplace for an independent sports car manufacturer, and it’s hoping to begin taking orders from Japan, China, Turkey, and the Middle East.

“We strongly assume that we will find an investor and save all 25 jobs in Altenburg,” announced insolvency administrator Görge Scheid.

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