Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Sneaks Past LA Auto Show

Despite not having a booth at the LA Auto Show, Lamborghini showcased one of its new Aventador Roadsters during a small event last night.

The coupe is already as screaming fury with 700 hp coming from its 6.5-liter V12 engine, but that wasn’t enough to keep Lamborghini happy. Instead, the exotic car builder decided to take the car a step further by offering it with an open air cabin. But building something like that wasn’t as simple as acting like Jay-Z and Kanye West around a Maybach.

Instead, the engineers at Lamborghini designed the car with two removable carbon fiber panels which weigh about 13 lbs. Those panels each have two pins that slide into the car’s windshield frame and clamp down on the opposite side to form a roof. In “top down” form, they stow underneath the hood.

Apart from that there are only a few other changes the differentiate the Roadster from its coupe sibling. There’s an automatic rollover protection system that helps keep occupants safe during a crash, a power rear windshield to regulate cabin noise and a hefty price difference.

Before tacking on the gas guzzler tax, you’ll spend  $441,600 on the car — a $58,300 premium over the dedicated hard top model.

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