More Automakers May Have to Adjust MPG Claims

Executive and analysts in the automotive industry believe that Hyundai and Kia may not be the only automakers recalling their fuel economy figures.

At the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai opened its press conference by addressing the overstatement of its vehicles fuel economy figures, and other automakers are admitting the issue has them concerned. Vice President of Nissan, Al Castignetti, believes every manufacturers went back and said to themselves, “are these real numbers?”

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Of course automakers feel confident that their fuel economy figures are accurate, but it’s hard to deny that the concern isn’t there. Recently, Ford has been in the spotlight with claims that the American automaker’s new hybrids are not achieving the fuel economy that the EPA estimates.

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As for Hyundai, it believes that the admission has not affected sales, though its compensation campaign could cost it $100 million a year until the vehicles are off the road. The bigger concern is whether or not consumers will start losing trust in automakers.

[Source: Automotive News]