2013 Honda Accord Wins Praise from Consumer Reports

2013 Honda Accord Wins Praise from Consumer Reports

After blasting Honda for the 2012 Civic, the Japanese automaker is once again in the good graces of the folks at Consumer Reports after a thorough test of the 2013 Accord.

The Civic was ranked so poorly by the consumer publication, as well as other critics, that Honda set about an emergency refresh, which based on early test drives (including our own), has regained lost ground. Consumer Reports even went so far as to tell its readers to avoid the 2012 Civic – though car shoppers did quite the opposite.

As for the new Accord, it’s been called, “a real improvement,” with CR highlighting its fuel economy, drive quality, high level of content and roomy interior.

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AutoGuide recently announced the Honda Accord as one of the three finalists for our Car of the Year awards. As well, it made the short list for the official North American Car of the Year award, while Ward’s Auto placed the car’s new engines on its annual 10 best engines list.

In the same issue, Consumer Reports also tests the 2013 Subaru Legacy, saying it falls short in both refinement and performance. To blame is the car’s CVT transmission. Also driven is the new Chevrolet Malibu, which it says ranks considerably higher than the Malibu Eco we reviewed earlier this year.

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