Jeep Future Product Rollout Detailed

Jeep Future Product Rollout Detailed

With Fiat and Chrysler finding ways to share technology in order to push their brands forward, the Jeep brand is now about to get some attention, with new models in the pipe including diesel vehicles and SRT variants.

Early next year, the American automaker will add a Grand Cherokee Diesel to its lineup, powered by a 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel engine designed by Fiat. It will feature 224 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque and could become the least expensive four-wheel drive diesel vehicle in America.

Jeep will follow that up in mid-2013 with a new Liberty model and will be based on a Fiat-related platform, though there’s a slim chance it’ll return to the Cherokee name. Whatever the vehicle is called, it’ll be targeting the Toyota RAV4 and Ford Edge market, and will see improvements in weight, fuel economy, and handling.

Sometime next year, Jeep will also introduce a Wrangler variant that a Jeep spokesperson claims will “give our customers the opportunity to do something very special with their Wrangler that they’ve never been able to do before.” Chances are, it’ll be similar to the JK-8 pickup conversion kit that the automaker offered last year – perhaps the Mighty FC will become a reality?

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Later in the future, early 2014 will see a new model that will replace both the Jeep Compass and Patriot models. The new vehicle will be riding on the same architecture as the new Dodge Dart and could retain the Patriot badge. In addition, the year will see a new sub-compact Jeep model which will be exported from Italy. That means a smaller crossover model like the Nissan Juke that will be “youthful and fun” according to a Jeep executive.

Lastly, a next-generation Jeep Commander or Grand Wagoneer could be in the works. Of course however, the Chrysler Group has a seven-passenger vehicle with the Dodge Durango, and Marchionne has been adamant about not having overlapping products in the automaker’s portfolio.

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