Nissan Details Plans for NISMO Expansion

Last year, Nissan announced that it had plans to expand its NISMO subsidiary, transforming it into a more mainstream performance brand – similar to what Lexus has done with its F-Sport line.

But unlike the Lexus F-Sport line, Nissan plans to produce NISMO models that see a noticeable increase in performance and better handling thanks to more sporty suspension. In addition, interior and exterior modifications will make each NISMO model distinct, something that Lexus has done a fantastic job doing with its F-Sport lineup.

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The Japanese automaker plans to launch a full-force initiative starting next year, with the Juke NISMO model being the first of many. Nissan plans to make its NISMO brand more appealing and affordable than its competitors in hopes that it’ll also be more successful.

Its luxury brand, Infiniti, has been struggling to get its lineup of ‘IPL’ vehicles off the ground with no consistency to the accessories and enhancements made to the IPL models. Nonetheless, the automaker also hinted that there could be several different NISMO variants for each vehicle in the lineup and that any model sporting the NISMO badge will see at least an increase of 10 percent in power.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]